Bus 801

This is my main ride here in the valley. I’ve put most of the 36k miles on it, although it did a short stint as an Idaho Falls route bus. I’ve got three new buses here at my disposal, but this is the bigger one, and my favorite. I’m the only driver, so I get my pick.

I took a drive out Hastings Lane today and grabbed some shots:

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  1. This is a two person job. During school session we transport a ton of kids from Head Start, Kindergarten and Community schools, along with an established disability clientele and the general public. Summer lightens up but we’re still busy all the time.

    Problem is, there’s only one driver now. That’s me, and I’ve been running my ass off every day! Teton County is about 20 miles across with three towns. The scenery may be beautiful but the driving is rugged.

    Today is Friday Rod and I’m plum worn out…

  2. Why have they not hired someone else to help with the load. I also did not know you were a dart type of operation with non disabiled. How much staff is in the office to support one bus? Does this exist because of federal law or is some enterprising person really making a non subsidized profit? I know you are older than me, are you nearing the well derserved rest?

  3. Thanks for the concern old buddy. I settled down into this valley years ago, tired of the transportation business. Unfortunately, winters are very long here, cabin fever runs amok, funds dwindle, so I finally decided to get back into the game. Not supervising, just driving.

    The company that I work for, TRPTA, has taken over the original “Cart Bus” I originally hired on with here in the valley. They are a federally subsidized non-profit. The sweet buses that I drive are paid for with stimulus money.

    My original partner, Karen, ran into some legal problems 3 months ago and was put on leave. Prior to that we had hired a third driver who turned out to be a sex addicted creep and a thief. He’s out of here… Recently we hired a local out of work contractor to drive, but he didn’t have what it takes, and he’s now gone.

    My employer is catching up to the transportation business gradually. They ain’t no ATC but they are doing randoms and full FBI fingerprint background checks. Yea…

    Anyway, here I am up in this gorgeous high-country, driving the bus all alone. The company is in Idaho Falls, an hour and a half away. It’s a good thing I don’t have issues because a supervisor response would be slow in coming.

    So, there you go…

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