Blog Update

This blog started back on June 6, 2011. That was 282 days (9 months and 8 days) ago.

I had just come back from hanging out with Riley and Jessica in Las Vegas and I realized there was a lot I had to say to the world!

So,, as of today, now contains:

  • 353 Posts
  • 15 Categories
  • 1,454 Photos
  • 148 Photosets
  • 71 Videos
  • … and a lot of love, code and soul.

If you’re going to blog, be serious about it! My thanks to everyone who has participated in this very fun internet adventure.

I’ve developed a huge amount of code to support and compliment this project. Please explore the menu options above and the links on the sidebar to your right.

If you put a WordPress template in the hands of a programmer, cool things happen :-)

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2 Responses to Blog Update

  1. Stephanie says:

    Darling, I love your blog. It gives everyone a chance to be part of your adventures and your life. My favorite part is the photos you use, which is the largest part. I also love your sense of humor with the stuff you write. I Love you very much…

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