Glasses and Herbs

I’ve been working sick for the last two days. Picked up the crud that’s been hitting this town lately and the biting cold hasn’t helped a bit…

I was bummed out that I had to bail on Monday dinner, then my buddy Karen came to the rescue with an herb compound she assembled at her office today. Master herb concoctionist she is! I’m feeling Ok. I ate it with a stick in the Brolums parking lot.

My new glasses also came in. The sun on the snow has been hurting my eyes lately and these things are shaded and polarized. Sure beats the expensive clip-ons.

Hey Karen, maybe you could leave a comment detailing this mysterious herb mixture?

Or is it a trade secret? :-)

SlideShow (Glasses and Herbs)
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  1. K-Dawg says:

    Ha ha!! I wondered if this would make the blog!!! Great picture alongside the new glasses too, by the way.

    The recipe is no secret and it’s great for everyone!

    ginger powder
    cinnamon powder
    turmeric powder
    raw honey
    ghee or coconut oil

    mash it together with your clean fingers (they will turn yellow!) and enjoy!! The ginger and cinnamon stimulate the digestive tract to keep burning up the crud in your system, the turmeric is antibiotic, the ghee or coconut oil lubricate the organs and sinus passages (dried out from the cold, high, dry winter), and the honey makes it taste good!!! The amounts aren’t really important – maybe 1-2 tsp of each spice per 2 Tbsp ghee/oil with 2-3 Tbsp of honey – or look at what each herb does and what you want more of and make it to taste!!!

    You’re going to have to know someone special to get a flavored tongue depressor to eat it with though…. :)

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