I drove the old girl 844 down to Rexburg one more time today to fulfill the agreement I made with my employer to cover a vacationing drivers weeklong vacation. After today, I may never want to stop in Rexburg again!

What a whacked out town. If these Mormons aint shopping with six kids in tow, they’re hitting the fast food joints in droves around lunchtime. There’s also a bunch of old potato farmers who drive about five miles an hour thinking they’re cool. Mix that in with thousands of BYU college kids spouting spiritual stuff to each other with their cellphones as they drive around with dreamy looks in their eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mormons, as I’ve stated many times in this blog. they just get on my nerves!

Anyway, on top of everything, I’m driving one of our two old Fords that ain’t getting the maintenance that she deserves. A couple of indicators popped up yesterday as I parked her and I’ve determined that the top one is the check engine light which means she needs a major service, and the wrench indicates she’s in limp home mode.

Well, I limped her on home today after a long week, and I’m ready to shut down for a while and let our maintenance department deal with it. Sheesh, I need a vacation…

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  1. Somethings never change. Ie the bus stuff… Time to take a break my friend enjoy the kiddos and Steph and the fire pit and the balloons. Looking forward to balloon pictures, like every year!

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