Lava Jaunt

I used my new route planning program bdjMap to organize my next short little vacation jaunt, down to a place I’ve never been to, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

The first thing I did was use a dataset I’d setup on JimsMap a while back to locate a cheap motel. Snagged one at a great rate for a couple of nights downtown, and then moved on to planning my route.

I created a new dataset in bdjMap with Lava Hot Springs as the starting point and then moved backwards towards home putting Thayne, WY as the first stop, followed by Driggs. I then unlocked the list and dragged Driggs as first, Thayne second and Lava third. When I clicked Rebuild the whole route came together, here!

My program automatically computed the route back home to Driggs :-)

Update: I changed Thayne to Freedom, WY. Missed that little town…


  1. It is longer but since it’s all freeway, it’s quicker. On the trip down I want to take my time and explore the road through Soda Springs, which I’ve never been on :-) The trip back, I just want to get home… I’m not actually stopping in Freedom, it’s just a waypoint.

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