Stephs mom Betty has passed away. I loved her. She also loved this blog and was my number one commenter. She actually has more comments here then I have replies…

Here’s a birthday post I did for her, and here she is with Steph:

R.I.P. mom, my soul is very sad…

I just had a heartfelt and tearful talk with Steph about her mom. I believe she has just passed into the next space, the place where we will all arrive at, shortly. I am a spiritual man and I know there’s another dimension out there. I just don’t accept the organized religion stuff, sorry…

God has talked to me. I’ve heard his voice, and he saved my life. Thank you god. So, now we move forward. Wake up people! You need to live your life to it’s fullest, now!

Observe me, follow my adventures, and be inspired!

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  1. Hi Jim – I’m so sorry to hear about Betty. She did comment on almost every post! Again, I am very sorry for your and Steph’s loss.

  2. Doing great.
    I agree with you life is too short to not be happy.
    And not live your life to the fullest. That’s why I got married and don’t regret a moment of the last four months. I met Tracy in 5th grade and we went to high school together and than went our separate ways and 45 years later we fell in love and got married.. Life is good, very GOOD.

  3. Wow, congratulations Sally! I’m very happy for you :-) That’s funny, I thought your last name had changed but my old brain wasn’t making the connection. You’ve always just been Sally to me!

  4. And that is the fact that I am just Sally and always will be.
    I have learned after a very long journey to be happy with who I am
    and what I have and what I have become. I have learned to truly value the good people in my life like you my friend.

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