First Summer Trip

I’ve been hunkering down in my office this evening, planning out my first summer trip. It’s fun being a computer programmer with the summer off because you can create tools that allow you to analyze and structure an adventure, and then live it:

For this first trip (as soon as school is out around here) I’m going to return to familiar territory with a first stop at the great $27 room in Mesquite, NV, followed by a day in Lake Havasu, AZ. Then I’m off to the unknown hot-springs of Truth or Consequences, NM, up to the eclectic Taus, NM, a layover in Fort Collins, CO where my niece lost her life, on to good old Evanston, WY and then home.

  • Driggs, ID to Mesquite, NV
    • 623 miles
    • 8 hours 41 mins
  • Mesquite, NV to Lake Havasu, AZ
    • 234 miles
    • 3 hours 32 mins
  • Lake Havasu, AZ to Truth Or Consequences, NM
    • 607 miles
    • 8 hrs 55 mins
  • Truth Or Consequences, NM to Taos, NM
    • 280 miles
    • 4 hrs 19 mins
  • Taos, NM to Fort Collins,CO
    • 350 mi
    • 5 hrs 33 mins
  • Fort Collins, CO to Evanston, WY
    • 373 miles
    • 5 hrs 32 mins
  • Evanston, WY to Driggs, ID
    • 212 miles
    • 3 hrs 48 mins

That’s 2,700 miles and 40 hours of driving. I’m ready…


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