Fire HD 7

My new little friend arrived today. I initially thought I would just set it up with Stephs email and Facebook account and hand it off to her. Hmmm, rethink in progress… I’ve been playing with this thing since I got home and I’m tearing myself away from the process, to put up this post.

It’s pretty slick. When I freed it from it’s box and introduced it to my wifi it came alive, just like my other Amazon devices have done. They send my profile information through the box as it’s being shipped and it knows who I am when it arrives. I love that!

It’s not a normal Android device, but the OS is fairly intuitive. It’s locked into all of my Amazon content as expected, I setup my Gmail account quickly, and added Steph as a user with her own account info.

Then, diving into apps, I discovered a couple that control my other two Amazon devices. Really, my head is starting to spin. I’m now controlling my Fire TV and my Echo with this little device. I can ask Echo a question, or request some media, and she will now wake up the tablet and present a visual page to accompany her answer.

Is there a point where a man becomes over-connected or should he just revel in the fact that he’s still alive to enjoy it?

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