I have to confess that I’ve fallen into Amazon’s insidious trap, one that Bezos and his gang conceived years ago to which they gave the name Prime. I’ve been a Prime guy for quite a few years now and I’ve enjoyed the free two-day shipping, the free streaming movie and audio content, Stephs ability to use it since we’re in the same household and yada yada.

The insidious part kicks in when they send you an email offering their latest electronic gadget at half price for Prime members only. That’s how I ended up with my Fire TV at the front door two days after it was announced and the same with Stephs Fire TV Stick.

Even more insidious is when they announce a new device that won’t even be available for three months but if you jump through a bunch of hoops to get an invite and order it immediately when you’re accepted, you can get it at half price. btw: I love my Echo :-)

Their latest gimmick is to not even ask you if you want to re-up your Prime subscription when it’s due, they just take the money right out of your bank account once every year now. They know you’re addicted and won’t complain.

We’ll, I’m standing firm now, no more Amazon devices in this house just because they’re on sale. Wait, what’s this! An email from UPS has just arrived reminding me that my Amazon Fire HD Tablet 7 will be here tomorrow. Oh yea, I remember now, it was a one day sale with $60 off. Hey, $79 bucks with free shipping…

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