Christmas 2014

Steph and I drove to my sisters home in Alta, Wyoming today for Christmas dinner with the family, and we had a great time!

It’s kind of an interesting line I draw as the family blogger. They all endure me taking pictures throughout the evening knowing that their mugs are going to end up on my blog, and not knowing how they will come off. Well, I have a very handsome family and the photos turned out great!

Click the group photo below to view the photoset:


  • The matriarch and patriarch, my sister Lorelle and me.
  • My woman Stephanie.
  • Lorelle’s three kids, the twins Brian and Catherine, and Elizabeth, the N.Y. nurse.
  • Brians lady Andrea and her daughter Anika.
  • Catherine’s husband Dave, my bro with the supports from a recent accident.
  • Donna, Dave’s mom from Portland, OR.
  • Kira, Dave and Cat’s dog.

You can also watch the SlideShow, or download the 4000×3000 original.

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  1. Thank You Uncle Jim for documenting a wonderful night! These are great photos, as always! We appreciate having a patriarchal blogger in the family. Love D + C.

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