Polaroid Cube

My GoPro replacement, the Polaroid Cube, finally arrived today. It’s been an arduous process as I bought this thing when it was first announced on August 12th. They billed me right away and have enjoyed the interest since, I’m sure. When the ship date of September 20th rolled around, and no shipment, I contacted them.

It turned out that one of the mounting components I’d ordered along with it got hung up in customs, thus delaying the order. I said split the order and send me the camera! which they did, along with free shipping. One thing I noticed about this Photojojo outfit is they like to talk in a cutesy manner and their shipping document continued the style.

Here’s what I got, along with my initial take:

• The camera. It’s got a 720p/1080p switch in the back along with a card slot and a USB 2.0 port. There’s a function switch on the top and a magnet on the bottom. The front has the lens and a microphone.

• The shipping document was very cute and included a plastic dinosaur which I’m sure will become one of my valued treasures. Ok, maybe not…

• A ridiculously short USB cord. Really?

• A 16GB class four micro sd card. Again lame, my GoPro sitting in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean had a 32GB class 10 card, which is prefered for 1080p video. I had the card included in the order without diving into the specs, so it’s my error.

• I shot a short test video and it actually looked pretty good, except there was no audio.

Alright, the USB cord and the SD card can be upgraded, no problem, and maybe I’m missing a setting that would cause the audio to not record, but my gut is saying not…

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  1. Filipe says:


    I just got my cube… and already with problems! i try to connect it to my pc and it say that doesn´t recognize it ´–

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