This old Lewis and Clark indian guide chick sure is popular around here. She gets a road named after her, the motel I’m staying in is the Sacajawea Inn and the great fish sandwich I just ate from the Savage Grill had her image plastered all over the inside. You would think this little town of Salmon, ID I’m in would have her name instead.

I chose to make this my destination today because I’ve never been here before and my employer Trpta has service here. They inherited this location along with Driggs and Rexburg when they took over from Cart many moons ago. Man I thought Driggs was a ways out but this is 160 miles from the office in Idaho Falls! There was nobody home there when I dropped by but I’ll try later as I mosey uptown to check things out.

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  1. I’m not smart when it comes to these kind of things. Go on your doing great. Hey where were you on the 4th, didn’t see you, looked. A long parade but good.

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