Green Springs

I showed up at Green Canyon Hot Springs this morning right at 1000 and the noise of screaming kids coming from inside hit me out in the parking lot. The large indoors pool was crazy with swimming classes, parents and instructors.

I found some staff guy and tried to give him my money so I could go soak in the hot pool out back but he said the place wasn’t open to the general public until 1200. Really? I remember seeing something about summer swim classes on their website, but…

I was committed to this project today so I pushed my way back out the door through screaming nubiles and nubins and drove down to Rexburg where I had lunch at LeArbey and did some shopping at Walmarche.

When I finally dropped into their hot pool at 1200 I had it to myself and as I placed my foot in the water I thought, now we’re talking. The water temp at Norris is 100° at best. The highest we could legally get our hottub up to in Idaho was 104°. The staff told me later their pool temp was 110° but I’d say more like 106° with 115° coming out of the pipe at the bottom of the pool. I’ll have to bring a thermometer next time…

Here’s some more comparisons of Norris Hot Springs to our local Green Valley:

  • Distance:

      Norris is 312 miles round-trip while Green Valley is 60.

  • Non-hookup camping:

      Norris is $22 while Green Valley is $15 + $0.50 per person, although, since the latter is so close to home, why camp?

  • Soak fee:

      Norris is $3 and Green Valley is $6 but I save $.50 there because I’m old.

  • Pool size:

      Both are very similarly sized, actually. Norris is made of wood, this is not.

  • Goodies:

      Norris has booze, food and live music on weekends while Green Valley has none.

I also have to say that with a 90° airtemp, a blazing sun and that hot water, I only lasted an hour. Here’s some photos of the drive today and a few shots of the facilities.

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