Cosmic Connections

I’m on the road again, heading north. Rain has been hammering our area for the last three days and I’m finally out of it. It seems like it’s becoming a tradition as I stopped at Norris Hot Springs today to soak and plan my next outing for tomorrow.

It’s $22 for the campsite and $3 for the soak. Meeting new friends, priceless! I was soaking in the cooler area when I overhead the phrase bluegrass floating across the water from the hot side. I floated on down and slowly integrated into the conversation of a couple of good old boys from Colorado.

I mentioned that I live right down the road from the Targhe Bluegrass festival (happening now) and the connection sparks started flying. Sam is a Bluegrass performer and former Drictor resident (5500 S), and knew the valley well.

The topic of hometowns came up and Sam mentioned he grew up in a small town in the South. As anyone following this blog knows, I drove Steph down to the South a couple of years ago to visit her daughter and grandson. I asked him what town he grew up in and as the same town rolled off his lips I knew I had just made a cosmic connection!

To further expand this connection, they live in Fort Collins, CO. I have not mentioned this publicly on my blog but my niece Tamara lived in Fort Collins and tragically lost her life there, a week ago today.

So, as I get older, my belief in the magic and mystery of the human connection continues to make me smile, and sometimes cry… To you Tami!

Here’s the good ol boys together:

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  1. I am glad you are having a great time! Sounds like you have met a couple of really interesting guys :-) I Love you Have a great vacation!

  2. It is a small world after all. It’s strange how people we meet seem to be tied into our lives in some way or another. Be safe in your travels I hear Idaho Falls had a bad flood. That scares me because it so close to you guys. Stay safe.

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