Canister Set

I snagged a nice room in Billings today but I had to wait for it to be cleaned. I parked my truck in their lot and walked around a bit and when I got back their manager had placed a canister set up on the counter with a $65 price tag on it and said Buy this for $25 and I’ll try to speed up your room. He didn’t know I hang with a container freak.

But just to be fair, the first person to request this item via comment, gets it.

I walked downtown this evening to check out the Thursday Night Music event. As I approached the stage, people came up to me and asked if I was going to take advantage of the $3 drink specials there, and if so I needed to wear a special bracelet. Excuse me! I’m a regular in this town and I know the Casino a block away has $2 happy hour drinks. Keep your stupid bracelet! I did have a $5 Mexican food special though…

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