It’s said that one mans garbage is another birds pleasure, or something like that… Actually this post has nothing to do with the handsome young magpie I spotted having breakfast in the Broulims parking lot this morning. I have a confession to make!

I’m an addict. I’m addicted to buying short domain names containing a phonetic h. I get a real rush when the five or six letter combination I’m trying out on Bluehost‘s domain purchase site comes back as Congratulations, xxx is available! Fifteen minutes later, after buying it with PayPal, assigning it to my primary account and then uploading a core template, I have a brand new website.

I need to get a grip. I have two new domains without any purpose yet, (pehpsi and cohke) and I just grabbed another an hour ago: (pronounced sexy :-)

The irony is that I don’t make a dime on any of this. I refuse to commercialize my work and these names run $11.99 a pop and a year later they’re $14.99 to renew. Combined with a static ~$150 yearly cost to run the host site, I’m spending a bunch of my hard earned money on this addiction! (current list here).

Hmmm, I wonder if is taken… (update: It’s not, stop me…)

Update: I emailed BlueHost asking them if I could reduce my costs, being a serial domain grabber and all. They suggested a 36 month domain hosting plan that would save me $108. I told them I was a really old guy and wasn’t sure if I’d still be alive and doing this for the next three years. I’m looking for a plan that will let me grab some cool domains at a decent price and maintain them for an ongoing decent price.

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