I was parked in front of the Joshua Smith group home this morning with five of my six guys on board and I asked the gang “Where’s Mike”? In unison they all replied “He’s getting his legs done”. I asked what that meant and they said that Laurie was putting cream on his legs.

To be funny I got my whiney voice on and said “I want Laurie to put cream on my legs”, to which Wes chimed in “Maybe she’ll put some cream on your third leg”?

Honestly folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Nobody else on the bus got that joke but I laughed my ass off! Seriously, the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Wes has been around the block a few times, even had a wife and kids before his accident, so his sense of humor shouldn’t surprise me. Have I mentioned I love these guys?

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  1. Fortunately I was parked, waiting for Mike to get his legs creamed :-) Actually, there was more hilarity as Wes joked once more “I wouldn’t go in there now because Clint’s home!” (Clint and Laurie run the group home…) I was gasping for breath…

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