Ice Carved

I don’t know if I initially missed Hoffman’s ice sculpture at the rear of the Winterfest event, or if he created it after the fact, in honor of the Japanese sculptor Mizuno.

There’s quite a back-story here. Michael Hoffman lost his son George, along with his house and his ice carving tools, in a tragic fire in Victor last year.

A famous Japanese ice sculptor, who was Michael’s hero, sent him his own personal tools to compete this year. Quite the story.

Roses in honor of George were placed on his Winterfest entry right after the event…

Update: After reading the above info card I realize the ice-carving was a live event that occurred after we left on Saturday. That’s why I missed it!

SlideShow (Ice Carved)


  1. hi, now what happened? i was waiting for your picturess because i like to see them close and then you say what they are, oh well next year. see you tue. they plowed my lane out really. carol

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