Helpin Pa

What you’re seeing here is the probable winner of our 2013 Winterfest Snow Sculpting contest. I could be wrong, as they all turned out amazing, but this one, up close and personal, was stunning. Note the attention to detail…

I started this Saturday morning having breakfast at O’Rourkes with Steph and my sister. Afterwards we headed over to the sculpture area, took a bunch of photos, and voted for our favorite. The three of us voted for Helpin Pa as did several other people I know as I peeked at their ballots.

The announcement of the winner will occur tomorrow. In the meantime, I grabbed some great shots today of the other sculptures which I’m sure you will enjoy. Stay tuned!

I’m working sick here, (damn the sneezing, hacking Ortiz brothers on their way to pre-school last week…). I’m well into my third organic whipped cinnamon honey lemon and brandy, and a batch of homemade free-range chicken soup is simmering on the stove, while Steph and sis are down in Idaho Falls.

Drop by here tomorrow for the rest of the photos, and the contest’s conclusion.

SlideShow (Helpin Pa)


  1. Just wondering… Wouldn’t this be called a Snow Sculpture, not an Ice sculpture, unless they spray it with water and let it harden into ice before the contest???

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