Perseus And Medusa

The snow sculpture competition is underway! They have until Sunday morning to create their art and be judged. I stopped by Marlene’s project and she said it was going to be the two Greek characters Perseus and Medusa. It should be a challenging piece but she was on last years winning team so I’m sure it’ll be great.

In the Greek myth, King Polydectes sent Zeus’s son Perseus on a mission to bring him the head of the gorgeous gorgon Medusa, who was mortal. Perseus found her, cut her head off and the drops of blood that dripped from her neck created the winged horse Pegasus and some other winged boar. Aha! Pegasus was the sculpture they created last year. I really thought I was on to something.

These pictures were taken yesterday (Marlene on the left) so I dropped by today and ran my Pegasus theory by her. As her eyes glazed over from the amount of data I was throwing at her she said last years sculpture was a winged dragon, because winged things were just the theme for the event.

So much for my conspiracy theory investigative talents. She did confirm though that there would be no bleeding heads in the sculpture. Darn…

Photos are a day behind, more tomorrow.

SlideShow (Perseus And Medusa)


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