Hello 13

Here we go into the next year, again. When you’re really old like me, the New Years event is just a time to pause and reflect on the year ending.

For me, it was quite a year. I acted on my bucket list by taking the summer off and driving 16,000 miles across 16 states. I posted over 400 blog entries, with uncounted numbers of photos, and I wrote a lot of code.

Tomorrow is Steph’s and my anniversary so I’m making her Eggs Benedict for breakfast and maybe we’ll get out of the valley for some shopping.

I’m wrapping up my new States mobile app and it incorporates the Fisher Yates Shuffle. This is an algorithm for generating a random permutation of a finite set, in other words, randomly shuffling them. It’s really cool, I feed it a block of numbers and it shuffles them up and returns them in random sequence with no duplicates. But I ramble…

If you have a modern browser or a smart phone you can try it Here.

Happy New Years!

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