After living here in the valley for a year, pretending to retire, I was getting restless and short on cash. I mentioned to Steph I should check into that Cart Bus I saw running around the valley, maybe they needed a driver.

Steph was working as the receptionist at our local newspaper at the time and one day this guy named Randy walked in and said he wanted to place an ad. Turned out he was the manager of the Cart Bus and was looking for a driver. Steph said You don’t need to place an ad, then called me at home and handed him the phone.

I had my CDL, a recent DOT physical, a current CPR card and I was driving for him the next day. Randy was a great guy, a valley native with his kids and grand-kids all raised here. He was pretty much confined to just dispatching out of the office due to his poor health and when TRPTA bought the company out, Randy was let go.

His quality of life rapidly declined and he was on dialysis. One day he had a bunch of family over to his house, ate his favorite foods for breakfast and then sat in his favorite chair. His dog curled up on his lap and he watched TV.

His wife went in to check on him later and he was smiling. He had also died. May we all pass so peacefully…

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  1. We all can pass peacefully and with a smile on our faces if we don’t fight it, look for and go into the light. You don’t have to believe in religion, but in the possibility of Enlightenment, as in Buddhism. I went into the light when I was a child and I can tell you why he was smiling. I wanted to stay there, but was told I had to go back, that I had things I had to accomplish. Think of the Power of Love… That’s where Randy is now, in the Light of Eternal Love. Nice of you to share your memories of him.

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