Day Before

Twas the day before Christmas and… Oh, wait, I’ve already done that one. I just called the office to see if anyone’s riding today and only one guy, Randy, needed to get to work this morning and make Pizza. We decided not to run the route for just a one minute trip, sorry Randy.

My dispatcher asked me how the roads were up here and I told her I didn’t even leave the house yesterday so I had no clue. She laughed. Steph is going to work this morning just so she can ride over Suicide Pass today with a co-worker. Her boss is having a Christmas party down in Jackson and it’s OK, I have her bank account pin number :-)

I’ll mosey in to town later on to buy chips to go with the killer bacon guacamole I’m making for Christmas at my sisters house tomorrow, and if the dentist in Victor is open I’m going to pre-purchase a tooth extraction for Steph as a Christmas present.

And since nobody around here reads my blog, everything will be a surprise!

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  1. Merry back to you two too!!!

    Did you know that New Years day is our anniversary? Steph came up to my place in Kent, WA for the first time on 1/1 (I can’t remember the year but it was about eleven years ago) and we embarrassed my neighbors with the noise.

    You know, party favors and such… ;-)

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