Piper II

I transport a bunch of kids during my workweek. Over the years I’ve tried to learn all of their names but this year there just seems to be fewer brain cells left to store them with.

I was hanging out on the bus this afternoon with a couple of kids, waiting for the rest of the bunch to board. I’ve transported the girl before but I didn’t know her name. She was around seven, cute, full of character and poise. She reminded me of a re-incarnated country singer with a slight twang. And then Timmy called her Piper and, as everyone who reads this blog knows, that’s our cat’s name.

When we pulled into Driggs for the drop, my buddy Tori from the Community School was there to pick up her daughter Piper. It all came together in a cosmic splash and made perfect sense. Tori is a teacher and one cool lady, outgoing, boisterous and fun, with a great personality. Piper is just a young Tori! Wow…

When I told her my cats name is Piper she said “Your the one in the valley who has the cat named Piper!” I’m assuming Tori is friends with the folks at the Driggs Vet Clinic…

You gotta love a small town :-) Anyway, just to put things in perspective, I spotted this big lump laying in front of our Rannai heater in the dark after dinner so I flipped on the flash and grabbed this shot of our warm and cuddly Miss Personality.


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