Foggy Tracks

I headed off to work this morning a little later than usual since the Community School is still on Spring Break and I was struck by the fog and the tracks in the driveway.

I noticed Steph’s vehicle tracks backing out of the garage and some animal tracks venturing out, exploring, and coming back in. Piper sure leads an adventuresome life here while the snow is still on the ground :-)

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I’m reading a book about a guy who had open heart surgery and just kept getting weaker afterwards and was basically told by his doctor to have another surgery, or go off and die, because that first one didn’t work. He told the doctor to go to hell and he now shares my distrust of big medicine and the pill industry that’s ramming their crap literally down our throats.

He was stumbling around a downtown lake trying to get some exercise when a women he calls the Lady of the Lake turned him on to cayenne chili powder. He started taking it along with garlic and other things and it healed him. His arteries cleared up and his circulation improved dramatically.

This morning I bought a bag of cayenne powder from the bulk foods section of Broulims for $1.25, a bottle of empty pill containers at the pharmacy, and made my own pills. There are various heat levels for this powder, the stuff in the prepackaged bottles was 20,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) while the cayenne I bought was 90K and higher is better.

I took three of those pills at noon and almost immediately I felt this hot flush envelop my chest. It was very interesting to say the least. I now have an idea that I’m going to implement tomorrow. One clove of fresh garlic along with a teaspoon of cayenne powder are going into the fruit smoothies I make for Steph and I in the morning. I’ll try this for a while along with the homemade pills and we’ll see what happens. She’s got leg circulation issues and this may help.

Update: Steph popped one of my pills tonight and after the steam exited her ears and her stomach returned from neverland, I may just mix the juice separately tomorrow until she gets her tolerance up…

btw: The book is Left For Dead.

Update 2: I just made a fresh banana, strawberry, blueberry smoothie with two cloves of garlic and a teaspoon of cayenne. This could be the weirdest taste I’ve experienced since I put chocolate on a raw onion years ago. I drank all mine but Steph took one sip of hers and all she could say was about three Oh my gods as she staggered out of the kitchen. :-)

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Polaris 800

This sweet little ride belongs to an associate of Steph’s who must go unnamed. The secret location of this vehicle must also be undisclosed. All I can say about it is that it looks like a whole lot of fun and maybe I’ll get a ride someday!

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