City To City Fixed

I’ve been really frustrated by this app! The whole point was to give you directions between two cities along with the current weather for each stop.

The problem was, the directions API returned the Lat/Lng for each leg but the only API that would give up the data in this format was Weather Underground. They had a max-hit cap along with a per-minute cap… If I wanted more I had to pay them.

So, back to my old buddies at Yahoo! It required one extra step: I had to pass the Lat/Lng to the Yahoo! Woeid service to get the weather, but at least it’s free. :-)

I’m still working on it, but in the meantime: CityToCity

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Jet Low

Caught this cool jet coming in for a landing…

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Pinterest Embeded

There’s a lot going on here… This is a photo I found on Flickr today, which I displayed in my Photo Viewer and then pinned it to my new Pinterest board called Faces On Flickr.

The Pin is now embedded in my blog so when you click the photo it goes to Pinterest, and when you click the Pinterest photo my Photo Viewer is launched in info mode.

Info mode allows you see the original creators content and sets…

Source: via Bus on Pinterest

 I’m having way too much fun! :-)

BTW: I’ve started up my Posterous Spaces account. If your looking for a free blog this could be your ticket!

And, here’s a great tip about my blog: Double click your left mouse button in the dark area, left or right side, to move to the top of the page. Anytime, anywhere… :-)

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CityToCity Update

I’ve been working on getting the current weather into my CityToCity app…

Please give it a shot and let me know what you think!

City To City

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Door Pull

I try to keep the bedroom door closed down to an inch so Piper can come and go. During the night she gets up a couple of times to do her thing, leaving the door open.

The floor heater makes this the warmest room in the house but it cools off quickly with the door wide open. So, when she comes back to bed I have to get up and close the door…

No more getting out of bed now, with my new contraption!

This is a cheap rope attached to the back side of the door:

The rope runs along the floor to the door frame.
This is a velcro holder I made, reinforced with duct tape, which guides the rope over to my bed.
Now, when I need to close the door, I just pull the rope. :-)

A.M. Update: Worked great on two Piper forages out of the bedroom last night! I was able to pull the door closed, but not so much that she couldn’t get back in. Pleased :-)

SlideShow (Door Pull)
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Pinterest is very cool, once you get it. Think of it as a place to store website links that interest you. Create Boards to store Pins by category, and follow your friends boards.

Tip: Don’t specify an interest in anything when you sign-up, and if it gives you followers when it starts, click your name and un-follow them! You can find lots of people to follow on your own. Following just means viewing their boards!

And, Deselect / Ignore any Pinterest dialogs to post your additions to FaceBook. Trust me, no one want’s to know…

I have an account going on here: BusDriverJim.

Update: I’ve created a cool Pintrest link (next to Facebook & Twitter, see below…) that puts any of my blog posts onto your Pintrest account, using the first photo in the blog.

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