Equine Therapy

Also called Hippotherapy around here. This is therapy via horse. I transport developmentally challenged kids to the Teton Valley Riding Academy during the week, and they seem to love it. Here’s a couple shots I took inside the place last Friday.

I’ll add a few more shots as the summer progresses…

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Fathers Day Sunday

So far so good! Still in my pajamas, re-writing my FKScan Flickr code because the Flickr RSS feed has left the planet, Riley called with a “Happy Father’s Day”, Steph just fed me a hot Spam sandwich (haven’t had non-email Spam in years) and the cat is still sleeping on the couch. This blog is starting to look like a Tweet with no length restriction…

Hey, it’s cool to have a day out of the year dedicated to you! Get busy son…

Update: The FKScan new picture grabber is re-written and fixed…

Oh, and the cat is pregnant… (• Update: Ok, maybe not…)

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Sweet Cat

Yesterday, we had a mature female cat sitting at our sliding glass door, waiting to come in. I thought she was a neighbors cat so I tried to chase her off since we have nesting Robins in our trees.

No luck, she went under our deck. Our local animal shelter is down due to lack of funds so it looks like she was just dropped off into our neighborhood.

I’m a closet cat guy. There, I’ve admitted it. I’m out…

The cat has now crawled out from under the deck, into my lap here at my computer. What to do? I’m into sweet code, not sweet cats…

Update: The cat has found a space in the family room. On top of the couch. Sigh…

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Sweet Code

Sometimes I just blow my own mind. I have a Flickr plugin installed that doesn’t work for general photo viewing. It puts my photos in a small lightbox with options. Actually, I’m keeping it around for showing Galleries, but I needed better.

So, I’ve redone my Photo Viewer app to go full screen and all my thumbnails, big and small, link directly to the new code.

Scroll down to the “Drictor” set below and click on a thumbnail to see it in action.

In case you’re interested, I’ve written a new PHP app that takes a Flickr PhotoSet ID and generates a block of thumbnail code that I can insert directly into a blog post.

The little Flickr icon that bounces down in the upper-left corner of a Photo Viewer full screen image, is a direct link to the photo on Flickr.

It’s great to be a programmer…

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Drictor is what we call the area between Driggs and Victor. This name won’t show up on any map. I had an hour between pickups so I took some shots of this beautiful country. Pardon my thing for fences…

SlideShow (Drictor)

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Flickr API

I’ve been diving deep into the Flickr API. Wrote a PHP module to grab all of the data for a specific photo-id, including the large image for my new Photo Viewer app.

Now I can send a specific photo-id to the API and get back everything I need to make this blog work. Very cool…

Non geek speak = The larger icons use the Photo Viewer directly, and the smaller icons have a link to the Photo Viewer within the lightbox.

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Teton Valley

As you enter Teton Valley from Highway 33, there’s a great lookout point before you drop into Tetonia on the north end. I shot this photo from there today and you can see the Teton River overflowing it’s banks and a ton of snow still in the mountains. You can also see the silos from my Tetonia post a couple of days ago, in the distance.

b.t.w. The Teton River is one of the top fly fishing spots in the world.

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Photo Viewer App

I have two sizes of thumbnails. The larger ones get their images from Flickr directly and I previously just showed them in the browser as an image link. Flickr requires (as I’ve recently learned) that they have a direct link to the contents Flickr link, from any content hotlinked from their site. (Even though I’m paying for the server space…)

So, I’ve written a sweet little app that accepts each photos Flickr image data as parameters and displays the photo in a nice frame, with a link to Flickr at the top. All of the larger thumbnails in this blog now follow that procedure. I’m working on the small thumbnails from the Flickr Gallery plugin, to do the same.

Click any large thumbnail to see the new app!

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Our Real House

I often let on that we live in a nice home, so I grab pictures from the Net to form that impression. Truth is, our place is a little rundown, and we’re pretty close to the airport. But, notice the 1 gigabit fiber line coming down from the Google cloud!

I’ve even put up a Do Not Disturb sign to keep the neighbors away, which is really a Trojan Horse designed to entrap bandwidth bandits.

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My Cockpit

Wow… Sure glad I added the pit to that title. This is a picture of my work space. The place I hang, good old bus 801. It’s still only got about 35k miles on it, and I drove it last winter with top of the line Toyo studded snow tires. It’s a sweet sixteen passenger tank…

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Spent some camera time in Tetonia today. This is a gentle little town on the north end of Teton Valley. It has some great old silos and it’s one of my favorite photo spots.

SlideShow (Tetonia)

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Shoe Stitch

This is Stephanie’s latest cross stitch. It’s a wedding present for her bosses daughter. She put a lot of work into this one and I put a lot of effort into capturing it from within it’s wooden frame, covered with reflective glass. I don’t have a tripod (yet) so it was challenging, and the shot came out a bit uneven, but the detail is great. The image is about 500k so give it a chance to load, and if your browser shows a plus icon, click again.

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Vegas Updated

I had a couple more pictures of Riley and Jessica in Vegas, on the camera I borrowed from Steph, that I wanted to share:

And then there was this spray paint artist that had us captivated. We stood there, along with fifty other people, while this guy created his painting:

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Antenna Secured

The snow is finally off the back yard and Steph and I were able to secure our HD antenna. We’ve been off the TV grid for a while, which means we rely on this antenna for local free HD content. Along with streaming Netflix and ROKU we have all the media we need, and love saving that ever increasing $60 satellite bill.

Problem was, the wind blew the thing around. It was just stuck in the ground, after all. So we went to ACE this morning and bought some tent stakes and some cord. Did a three point tie-down, and now it’s tight. Totally unattractive and crooked, but tight!

Why I decided to put the antenna near the air vent for our underground bunker, I don’t know, must have been drunk. B.T.W. that house in the trees straight back is our closest neighbor, and we’ve never met them. Or seen them…

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