Old Coder

In the seventies and eighties I was one hell of a coder and as I look back on those times I realize I didn’t know how really good I was. My life was just a blur of creativity fueled by booze and drugs, the results were amazing, and I just stumbled along…

Over the last few years I’ve been keeping up quite well with the state of the art in web development. I mastered all the tools and developed some great code. I kept buying cool domain names and stuffed them with ground-breaking apps, hoping that by throwing them up on the wall of the internet, something would stick.

Nothing ever really did. I suppose it’s because I’m a coder not a marketer and profit was never the objective. I did place second in that Sunshine nation-wide government app contest but all I got out of that was a trip to Phoenix and a few bucks.

Just recently I lost pretty much all of the major code I’ve developed over the last decade. My HSP BlueHost let me down with a malware attack they weren’t willing to fix, and I failed to grab the MySql data in time.

I have accepted that. All I have left is this blog and the apps within it. I’ve moved to a new HSP and busdriverjim.com is the host for everything remaining.

I told Steph the other day that I was done writing code. I would just focus on this blog and post things for my viewers that hopefully they would find interesting. Today, so much for that…

I managed to recover a .csv file from my hard drive that contained my city database, so I rebuilt it on the new server. Then I wrote an app today that generates a random U.S. City. Old coders never die and if they say they do, they’re full of shit.

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