The Cabins

I took a little overnight trip yesterday to one of my favorite places, Lava Hot Springs. I had the choice of camping in my truck, paying tourist season ripoff rates at the motels, or trying something new. I chose Bristol Cabins, a funky little place on the river that offers small one room cabins with no bathroom, no TV, and no internet, for $50.

I went the back way around Palisades reservoir, through Freedom, WY and got stuck in two long construction waits. I just got out of my rig like everyone else and made the most of it.

It was a fine day at Lava: two good soaks, dinner and huckleberry ice cream in town, but it was a rough night at my cabin. I had really bad leg cramps that forced me out of bed every hour, and the bed creaked loudly so all my neighbors knew about it. I could hear them get out of their creaky beds also. At 0500 I was out of there…

So, you know the drill, click the photo below (which was not my cabin btw :-) to see all of the shots.

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