Resolve 2017

I have but one resolution this year: to hit my $10 treadmill daily. That’s it, simple and doable. Right now I get in 35 minute high-intensity walks at 3.5 mph every other day. I do my workout with weights every third day which allows my muscles to regenerate and grow, so I’m good there, and my diet is approved by god, so good there also.

I read yesterday that probiotic yogurt was great for the brain in your gut and I’ve been taking that with my protein powder now for half a year. Like I said, my diet comes from above and I don’t make conscious decisions about it, I just listen and follow instructions. I realized the other day that the chocolate I eat regularly is a substitute for alcohol, and I have no complaints about that.

So I hope this year you receive your instructions clearly, and follow them intently.

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