Old Coder

I wrote my first computer program in 1969, in Fortran as I recall. It was long before the PC arrived on the scene and the current environment in 1971 was the evolution of the IBM 360 to the System 3 and RPG II.

That was my world back in the seventies, a hot shot programmer making big bucks because very few people knew how to code it, and the ones that did, like me, got all of IBM’s business.

When the IBM PC came out, I bought one of the first ones from a ComputerLand store in Oakland, CA and switched gears from corporate computing to personal. Several businesses and multiple products evolved from that transition and it was an amazing run through the eighties.

In the nineties, I dropped out and moved to the Seattle area to be Riley’s dad and along the way became a bus driver and transportation supervisor.

Twelve years ago Steph and I moved here and I’ve been driving the local bus since and I have continued to be a coder through the entire process.

Perhaps this helps explain me somewhat…

btw, try out my latest code!

Or just enjoy the light ripples on the deck tonight, from our family room:

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