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The company asked me to stay down in Rexburg after the morning intercity run today, to fill in for another driver. As I was coming into Newdale a large smile began to spread over my face and a shiver went down my spine.

You see, I decided to bring my toys along today and one of the technologies was untested. I grabbed my big old Garmin nĂ¼vi 2797LMT GPS from the truck along with my top of the line Uniden BCD436HP scanner and then slipped the new BC-GPSK GPS receiver into my bag of tricks.

The premise behind the receiver is that you can plug it into your scanner and it will find the local frequencies automatically as you drive. I listen to the police and EMS action and knowing what’s going on around me is cool, and practical. I’ve got the Teton Valley frequencies dialed in, but I turned them off this morning, plugged in the little GPS receiver, and took off with my Garmin guiding the way.

I’ve done a lot of research lately on how to set this thing up, it’s not simply plug and play as advertised. As I left Teton County a whole new set of police, EMS and dispatch voices suddenly appeared. I knew instantly that my effort had paid off and that I ruled my tools. I drove around all day listening to the Madison and Jefferson county action, only to have the familiar voices of Teton county return when I arrived back home.

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