Xmas Shopping

I’ve got my xmas shopping all done. Yesterday I walked into ACE and bought a device that allows short people to pick up things that are out of reach. Steph loves it. Today Steph picked up a gift card for Barrels and Bins that I’m giving to my niece Lizzie as my participation in the family secret santa event on xmas day at my sisters house.

There you go… Grabber thing: $25, gift card: $50, done deal. How’s your xmas shopping going? Here’s the note I included with my nieces card:

Dear neice,

I've known you for a long time but I have to admit, I don't really know you...

I wanted to get you some cool tech gadget to go with your computer or your phone but I have no idea what you own. I don't know if you're an Apple girl, a PC person, or an Android user.

So, I heard you like Barrels and Bins and I got you a gift card instead.

Hopefully you can take a moment this Xmas and show me how you tech?

Uncle Jim

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