I started working on JimsMap.com a couple of months ago. I was using some alternative mapping services initially, until they changed their structure and burned me bad. I subsequently ported the development over to Google Maps and have been developing the project daily. I just haven’t mentioned it here, until now…

The premise was to create a Google spreadsheet in the cloud and then dynamically create worksheets that contain places which can be plotted on the map. The program would then maintain these worksheets visually by interacting with the map to add new places, edit existing places, or delete a place.

The Google spreadsheet effectively becomes a database to store categories of places. For example, you could create a new worksheet (using the program of course) called ‘Places to eat in Chico, CA’. Then, using the Proximity Tool you could plot each restaurant in Chico on the map, save the link, and send it to a friend who might be visiting there. Each place contains the address, a phone number and a link, if available.

You can also create a worksheet containing places of your choosing just by clicking on the map, describing each place, and adding them.

The application is still under development but I felt it was stable enough to introduce to the world today. There are no login requirements, you can do whatever you want to the data, I trust you to be cool. If you have the savvy to try something new, I invite you to give it a shot. Feedback is certainly welcome :-)

Here you go: jimsmap.com.

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