Cold Views

It’s been really cold around here lately. I noticed the evening sun reflecting through our front door so I ventured on out for a quick photo-shoot. Yes, it is as cold as it looks!

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Strange Cloud

I was driving down to Victor this morning on a crisp clear -14° day when I spotted this strange cloud forming across the valley. The sun was blinding and right in the path of the cloud so I waited until I had had an object to frame it with.

That turned out to be the Victor Gateway Chevron when I stopped for fuel. I guess it could have been a jetliner exhaust trail but we don’t get many of those around here…

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One Up

I was originally going to name this post One Down but that was before today’s Head Start run. When Taylor’s mom Summer brought her to the bus today she said I see you found her missing pink mitten. Wow, at least one person in this valley follows my blog!

I told her I’d bring it tomorrow… Next up today was the Head Start gang, my biggest culprits. (Hey, Taylor is pre-school and only lost one glove :-) Anyway, this long holiday vacation has turned their little brains to mush! I’d arrive at their house and have to inform them they were home and they slowly wandered off the bus in a daze.

In the end I scored a weird hat and some ski-pants kind of thing. Perhaps I could open a second hand store specializing in kids wear?

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