Not Good

Sometimes a radar image just sums everything up. It’s Friday, and a cold front is dropping down from the north, meeting up with this moisture on Saturday.

Maybe I can get some GoPro snow pictures from the deck…

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I love making up new words, and writing code. Tomorrow you can type Symegricity into Google and probably arrive at this post.

I’ve been looking for a reason for the existence of my new little domain name Symegry, and I think I’ve found it. Besides being a showcase for a state of the art HTML5 template, it needed to do something, so here’s what I have at the moment:

The program will now go to Flickr and grab the twenty most recent photos that have been posted to their site. Then, it will pick a random photo out of that set which is then searched against the Flickr database for an image that closely matches the 640×480 requirements. Each photo found is then displayed against the Symegry background.

Please note that I take no responsibility for what images show up there, that’s what random is all about :-) It’s also a work in progress, if it hangs on an image just refresh the page. Any issues should be resolved tonight…

Try it out: Symegry

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The ominous signs of Winter in the Rockies are popping up everywhere. Cruel reminders of impending drifts of bitter cold snow and ice. I will try and remember to look for this snow pole in a couple of months as the Great Snow Fest kicks off on this plot of ground come January 16th.

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Bates Road

I hung the GoPro out my window today while driving to Victor along Bates Road.

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Hill Ride

We’ve got a beautiful day going on here so I grabbed my camera(s) and drove up to lookout point, which is half the way up the mountain to the ski resort from our place. I told Steph I’d help her rake the leaves today but she let me off the hook when I told her I had a blog post to work on all day.

So, she rakes, I create!

I shot a slow pan video from the lookout area and just for the heck of it I turned on the GoPro heading back down the hill, and rested it on my dash. Problem was, I pushed the wrong button and it captured 280 individual time lapse images. Fortunately, I can stitch those pictures into a video and tweak it anyway I want.

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Redeye Mountain

Believe it or not, this geographic anomaly is within one mile of downtown Driggs. Leave it to your trusty old photo-blog journalist to discover it!

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Deer Hit

I hit a deer on my way home this afternoon. I was approaching Cottonwood Corner at 1530 on a dry clear road when three large healthy does darted across the road from my left, straight into my path. I hit my brakes and dodged two of them but one went airborne and tried to jump my truck. There was a loud sickening thump as she connected with my roof, right above my windshield.

I pulled over fully expecting to see a dead deer lying in the road. All I saw was nothing because my drivers side mirror was gone. I jumped out and the guy behind me pulled up and said she rolled over the top of my truck, landed on her feet, and kept on going. I walked back up the road, collected my shattered mirror and continued on home.

Hitting a deer has always been my second biggest concern driving on Ski Hill Road. Sliding out in the snow and ice, rolling my truck and dying is always the first concern. I dodged a large bullet today, the deer and my truck survived, minus two side mirrors that I assume got taken out with her feet, and a bent antenna which straightened right up.

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Undoing Facebook

Over the last 48 hours I’ve been decimating my Facebook account. I’ve never been a big user of the site, hell I’ve got my own huge blog that I post to almost daily, so I don’t need Facebook to express my opinion.

There were two reasons for me to have an account: I explore the internet actively and often the links I click are Facebook pages so having an account just shows the page without having to sign-up, and, to keep up with what’s happening with people I know.

It’s that last reason why I’ve stripped out all friends from my account. I’ve finally concluded that following someone on Facebook does not usually provide any information as to their well being, rather, you’re bombarded with catchy phrases, online game results, Pinterest pins, and the worst, the pimp job!

For example, “My life is falling apart, OMG! OMG! OMG!”. You know you’ve all seen this post, what are you supposed to do, call the suicide hotline? Some friend will meekly offer “What’s wrong?” and all you get is more pimp…

So, it was fun purging Facebook. All posts I’ve ever made, including the automatic ones generated from my blog, are gone. The few pictures I posted (did I mention I have my own blog) are gone. As you dive into the purge process all sorts of weird categories pop up, and I purged them to.

Finally, all friends, gone! The most interesting thing I’ve learned from this process is that everytime someone likes a post, that persons crap gets inserted into your timeline, I think. I never did figure that Like thing out, but it is insidious.

Now my Facebook page matches my life, no friends! Ok, I still have my best friend Piper, (ouch! head smacked!) I mean Steph. So, I’m good…

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Carmel Valley

In the late seventies I was a computer consultant working out of Carmel Valley, CA. and often needed a place to live for weeks at a time. My good friend Beryl had a gift for finding beautiful expensive homes on the sides of mountains, turning them into rental properties for singles, and I was a good customer.

One particular house she found was in a remote canyon quite a ways out of town. It was built right into the side of the mountain and there was only one neighbor: a giant satellite dish at the bottom of the canyon with a few support buildings surrounding it.

One evening it was just the two of us there, hanging out on the deck and admiring the stars and the lights from the dish below. All of a sudden, in a scene right out of Close Encounters, a vehicle appeared about a quarter mile high in the sky, directly over the dish. It had bright throbbing red, green and blue lights and it was visually stunning.

Our first thought was to the people in the support buildings below, did they know it was there, was it a threat? So, we called them! Beryl had already researched their number since they were her only neighbors. Their response was weird to say the least. They thanked us for calling, said they would check it out, and hung up!

Shortly after we called, it disappeared. I don’t recall it leaving as we were in and out of the house making more phone calls to friends, and suddenly it was just gone.

The next day a man showed up at the house. Beryl was running an ad in the local paper for roommates and this guy said he was looking for a room to rent. We sat around the kitchen drinking coffee for a while and he said he’d like to live there, and paid a months rent in advance.

Over the next month he dropped in a few times to say hi, never spent the night, and eventually disappeared like the ship in the night sky. We eventually determined he was a government agent of some sort, sent up to the house to see if our witnessing whatever was going on there that night, was a threat to their operation.

Whatever that operation was…

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Lotts Lake

My second significant UFO encounter occurred in the mid-seventies. My buddy Dave and I decided to take a break from our Bay Area city jobs and go camping up near the place we went to High School (Paradise, CA). He lived in Sacramento and I lived in Oakland so we merged into one vehicle and drove up to a small lake called Lotts.

Neither one of us had been there before, it just seemed like a good place to unwind, so we drove up early, left our vehicle out on the main road, and hiked into the area. The thing that struck me most as we approached the lake was that the large rock formation that hugged the west side of it was almost solid quartz. I know about quartz, I grew up with a gold-mining grandfather and I’d seen my share. This formation was huge!

We set up camp in a grassy area next to a trail that led to the lake (just below the red X). We explored the area until nightfall and then retired to our sleeping bags. We were still awake and chatting softly when we heard the sound. Our feet were pointed towards the lake and from that direction on our right came a whooshing sound. There were no lights, just the sound of some aerial vehicle flying slowly. It sounded like a helicopter with no engine and it stopped at the point marked below.

I should note that Dave and I were adventurous souls and to this day I don’t know why we didn’t jump up in the dark and go check it out, but we didn’t. We just calmly talked about the fact that we could hear the sound of machinery, doing something there for about fifteen minutes, before flying off in the direction it came. Then we went to sleep.

The next morning we walked down there and discovered a large circular flattened section of grass that wasn’t there before, with fresh digging at the base of the rock formation. They were mining quartz in the dead of night, in the middle of nowhere!

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My friend K-Dawg turned me on to a local UFO enthusiast today and it gave me an idea for a series of blog posts. During my decades of existence on this planet I’ve had a few UFO encounters and a couple of paranormal experiences, so I might as well share them.

My first, and most dramatic UFO incident, occurred when I was about seven or eight. I was living with my family in a tiny little town (about 30 houses) on the side of a Sierra Nevada mountain, west of Reno Nevada. One day my older brother and I decided to camp out on the top of the mountain and try out our cool new jungle hammocks, so with dog in tow we hiked up and set camp.

We each picked out two adjoining trees to string the hammocks, which were pretty cool with mosquito netting and sun flaps. Our spots were about fifty feet from each other in a small open area of the forest with a campfire between us.

I have no specific memories of what we did before going to sleep but all hell broke loose around midnight. I woke up to our dog barking and the campsite bathed in light. I looked over at my brothers hammock and it was empty and the dog next to it howling. I looked up past my hammock flaps to see where the light was coming from and saw a giant round orb glowing brightly, and hovering over the trees above me.

All of a sudden I felt something below me brushing against my back through the canvas of my hammock. I looked down and watched a mountain lion casually walk under me. That was the last thing I remember.

My brother was never the same after that night and I genuinely believe he was abducted. It could have easily been me instead and my brother would be writing this blog post about his little brother who’s life was spent spiraling into paranoid schizophrenia from which he never recovered.

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Cold Wood

This snow covered pile of wood was once someones shelter from the frigid winters of Teton Valley, well over a hundred years ago.

Starting tomorrow, the highs here won’t get out of the low thirties throughout the week, and drop from there. Lake Havasu, AZ looks mighty good right now.

In the meantime:

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Squirrel Drive

I drove over to Squirrel, Idaho a couple weekends back. I’d never heard of the place until Piper’s veterinarian Sarah mentioned she was born and raised there, and it’s just a few miles off Hwy 32 heading to Ashton. I swore I’d never drive that highway again since I almost died on that road and I told Sarah that I almost “bought the farm there”. She asked me “Which one?” (sigh…)

I had this great idea to mount my GoPro on the front of my truck and shoot the whole trip to Squirrel from Hwy 32. I did, but it turned out so bouncy I scrapped it. The drive is beautiful though and you can find it with this map.

There’s not much there but a big sheep ranch. I pulled over to remove my camera from the hood when this young Mexican guy walked up to me. He gestured over to a small trailer where it was obvious he was living out of and then began pointing franticly at the trailer hitch on my truck. He pointed at the sheep herd, gave the universal hand signal for “no more”, and then kept pointing at his trailer, and my hitch.

It was obvious he wanted me to get him out of town and I decided why not so I got in my truck and started to back it over to his trailer when a large truck pulling a sheep trailer shot across the field, right between us. Nobody got out of the truck, it just sat there. I got the message and mosied on down the road.

As I was driving home it sank in that this obviously illegal young guy was the property of the sheepherder and I came very close to liberating him…

btw: That’s not the truck, it was much bigger!
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