Pasture Raised

I’ve received a lot of different gifts for Christmas, but I’ve never been given ground beef.

This isn’t your normal ground beef though, it’s pasture raised Black Angus beef, grown locally on the Teton Waters Ranch.

I transport the owners kids frequently, and their mom laid this beef on me last week.

I can’t wait! I’m thinking burgers :-)

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We had a fun dinner with K-Dawg at the Warbirds Cafe last night. Before she arrived I was checking out the old planes in the back hanger. These are all flight ready vehicles.

That little strip hanging off the intake cover says Remove Before Flight. You think?

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Boat In Bay

Steph’s still liquidating hardwood from the Tolberts building. This morning she found a large boat sitting in the bay. It wasn’t there when she left the shop yesterday.

I’m sure there’s a good reason for it being there, but at the moment, it’s a mystery…

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Piper Space

We have a lot of well built doors in our house. Quality wood, great frames. When we close the doors now, we leave a one inch crack called the Piper Space.

Our cat Piper has a strong arm. She can throw the doors wide open with a single swipe. Tonight I saw our bedroom door open and yelled to Steph, Pipers gone to bed!

I then restored the door to one inch.

Before the snow came she could open the family room screen door, exiting out to the deck, and go outside when she wished. Never could teach her to close it though…

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Tetonia Morning

Here’s a painting of a photo I took Monday morning in Tetonia.

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Gifts Given

I made my 15:00 run to the Victor Community School today, armed with bags, purses, scarves and candles. In the front seat, wearing a Christmas hat, was Steph.

As the kids entered the bus she began constructing and handing out presents based on gender. There were kids coming on board that only ride once in a while, so supplies were dwindling fast.

The regular kids, whose mothers I’ve gotten to know, were getting candles stuffed into their backpacks for mom.

Teachers, hearing about the Christmas party happening on the TRPTA bus, came on-board to enjoy the event.

A great time! I thought about snapping a picture, but privacy matters here.

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Local Gifts

Giving Christmas gifts to the kids I transport has become a tradition, and this year I have 15 boys and 5 girls. But, thanks to my crafty partner, it’s extending to the adults.

The box below is going to six guys from a group home in Victor, called The Gang. I’ve been driving them around the valley for five years now, and they’ve become friends of mine.

These candles are going to the moms and therapists on my route.
These are scarves for my kids, in bags for the boys, purses for the girls.
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General Mills

The sun hadn’t quite made it up, and the moon was on it’s way down, which made for some gorgeous lighting in Tetonia this morning.

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Post Viewer

I’ve been writing some great code today. Following yesterdays Photos program, I’ve created an application that presents all Posts on a single page, in a drop down manner.

It really shows off the Blog, and detects any display issues that may exist. I’ll be fixing them as I encounter them, but feel free to Email me if you spot one…

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Toyed Up

This is known as japp (just another piper post). It occurs when I never leave my office because I’m writing code, and Piper want’s to play.

She has lots of toys in here, and she loves to sit on my paperwork and get wrapped up in them. This is one of her favorite spots in the house…

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Pipers New Bed

Piper has her Pad on the couch in the living room, and a new cat bed on the couch in the family room, but where does she hang out the most? Our bed of course…

She sleeps with us now, and is well behaved in this regard. Stays at the end of the bed, between our feet. If she was crawling around our heads, that would be different.

See those electric blanket wires? This is the warmest place in the house at night.

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Nana is my sisters dog. Wise beyond her years, gender and species. An old soul…

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I’ve figured out this auto body game. A Jeep gets broadsided, and brought to Riley…

He pulls the door off and makes mysterious markings on the frame.
Then he throws away the old door, and orders another…

Finally, he puts the new door on, and done! Hmmm, not yet, stay tuned.

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Steph has been making great progress on her craft room. Every day I see her hauling stuff out of there. It’s now beginning to take on some order, and I’m very proud of her ;-)

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The Hill

There’s nothing like a cold clear day to make our mountains look good. It was showing -16 as I headed out this morning, but I heard it got down to -22 on a local Tetonia farm.

That hill on the left is Fred’s Mountain, otherwise known as the Grand Targhee Ski Resort, which has been open for two weeks now, and the pow is gnarly.

A closer look at the Grand Tetons, hovering over Alta, WY.
This is the entrance to my sisters most popular Rental Property.
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