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The Water

  • Melissa You should see him when he styles his hair in a pompadore lol!


  • Anonymous Awesome ! I was playing around with the program. Very cool!


  • Skog Grant and I did the genetic DNA thing with “23 and Me” that originally started the testing. When we sent in our spit they only offered countries of origin and matches to people who also shared parts of our same DNA. I found several relatives I didn’t know. The FDA had asked them to stop advising on genetic health problems until they had more proof that it was accurate. They are now allowed to advise and we get the reports as they become available. I don’t have any precursors to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Even though both my parents lost their hearing from spinal meningitis, I inherited a gene that could have effected my hearing, but it didn’t.
    Did Ancestry tell you how much Neanderthal you have in your genes?
  • Jim According to Steph, 100%.
  • Skog Ha, ha, Grant, too!

Aegis 3

  • Anonymous Awesome setup 👍

Travel Mix

  • Skog Have you tried coconut oil? Great for the brain and blood stream. I mix it in to tea and/or coffee, or just warm water. It doesn’t need refrigeration and it tastes good. I know you don’t do caffeine. I sometimes mix turmeric with it and a bit of Stivea to sweeten.
  • Jim We cook with coconut oil sometimes, and somewhere along the almost 50 years we’ve known each other you’ve picked up the assumption that I don’t do caffeine. If I didn’t drink my coffee I might as well just mosey on down to our local Mormon ward and sign up, because I fit all of the other requirements :-)

Last Vestige

  • Skog We’re having a bit of rain again, here in California. Flowering trees are in bloom, like plum and cherry trees. Spring is here. Grant leaves for Cuba next week. Your eclipse daydreams sound interesting.
  • Jim Spring always seems to arrive sooner in California than the Rockies…


  • Skog Don’t forget to take a listen to Sal’s last two CDs, “Dreamin Man,” and “Every Now and Then.” I want to know what you think.
  • Jim I have been listening and I like the old and the new! I’ve also been watching old Beau Brummels videos. Your new Beau is a good looking and talented guy!
  • Skog Thank you. He’s my “Snowman;” he brings his dreams to me. I love it when he sings to me. I bought a Beau Brummels 4 CD anthology and Grant bought several Stoneground albums, so when he’s at home in Sacramento I listen to his beautiful voice on the stereo. I won’t see him until 3/24. I still can’t believe that he loves me, that I’m his woman, and I can’t wait to have the whole house to ourselves when Grant goes to Cuba. I’m just sorry we didn’t meet when we were younger.

Rough Life

  • Skog Of course she isn’t. She’s inside a warm house and she has her daddy to give her love and food. Does she have a cat box to go in during the winter? If so, life is sweet for Piper!
  • Jim Oh, she has a catbox alright… I spend way more time cleaning it than I do my own box!


  • Milan It was my first work in a public area in Idaho. May I be “proud” of it and claim a fee for using the path by strangers?

    Anika´s grandfather

  • Jim Sure! (As long as it doesn’t come out of my pocket :-)

Christmas 2016

  • Lorelle Elizabeth and I just watched the slideshow. We enjoyed it so much! Thanks for putting it together. I loved that you capture the house and the table and food as well as the family.

Steph 52

  • Skog No gift to give, sorry, but a happy 52 Steph.

Decoration Up

  • Marian Ruzicka I would love to do this too but am afraid of the increased electric bill.
  • Jim It’s ok, I plan on leaving it on 24/7 and that one little bulb shouldn’t do too much damage to my electric bill. :-)

GeoJson Bounds

  • Skog Indeed he was. When we don’t get it right in one life we need to come back to try again to get it right. That’s what I was told when I died and was told I had to go back, it wasn’t my time. This was the reason for my purpose in life. What’s yours??? lol
    I do hope that young fellow accomplishes his purpose this lifetime.
  • Jim I still don’t know my purpose. I’ve been given an insane number of breaks over my lifetime, which have allowed me to arrive here: solid, in shape, capable, addiction free, and floating through life with absolutely no purpose whatsoever…

Pipe Dreams

  • Sally At least you weren’t on the floor and Piper was in YOUR bed….


  • LAURIE WOGGERMAN-Dumler hey Jim, I lost track of you and now I’ve found you again!

    How the heck are you doing?

  • Jim Terrific! Get my email from Contact above and shoot me one.


  • Sally Always too much for my brain to understand. Glad it wasn’t my job. I liked to drive and get out and about
  • Jim Too much for anybody’s brain! Except Amanda’s perhaps :-)

Heceta Beach

  • Sally Glad you found your keys. Beautiful pictures.

Oregon Bound

  • Sally On the road again…Have a safe trip. Praying for Travel mercies for you.
  • Jim Thanks Sally, I need all the mercy I can get :-)

I Walk

  • Skog Congratulations on kicking cocktails. Your liver and pancreas will thank you on your big 70. BTW, Happy Birthday.
  • Jim Thank’s Skog!


  • Skog Photoshopped… Looks like you had it in VanGough mode.
  • Jim VG’s my man!

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