Eureka Sparks

I spent Sunday night in Eureka, CA. It’s a pleasant little town on the Northern California coast with a tragic amount of homeless people interspersed with latte drinking working class. I hoteled it just to shower and regroup…

The next day goal was my home town of Paradise, CA. I’ve always called it that just because I spent my high school years there in the early sixties.

Headed east in the morning on Hwy 199 to Reading, CA. The sign said about 100 miles so I assumed an easy first leg. What a dumb shit! Next time I’m going to Bing Map a road I’ve never traveled.

I lost count of how many mountains I climbed, crested and declined. Tight turns, constant shifting, big trucks and two major construction sites later, I arrived in Reading, and kept going…

Hung out in Chico a bit, still the same but bigger. Drove up to Paradise and everything seemed familiar but different. I swung into a place called Fosters Freeze for lunch, again vaguely familiar. I asked the girl how long this place had been here and I thought she said 7 years. “Seven years?” I asked. “No, Seventy years” she replied. Memories came flooding back…

It was midday and Jill and I were in a driving mood so we headed South, and somehow I’ve ended up here in Sparks, Nevada, just east of Reno. No internet, I’ll post tomorrow.

SlideShow (Eureka Sparks)
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  1. Stephanie says:

    The water shots are so beautiful. Jill looks good all parked by the Hotel. Looks like a great adventure!

  2. What a beautiful trip you are taking. That country looks very inviting to travel. Enjoy your trip.

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