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I came across this great advice blurb regarding moving into retirement today:

While an ever-improving lifestyle offers a pleasant sense of progress, a falling standard of living can be downright depressing.

Unfortunately, I can’t reasonably expect to move up, considering that I’m leaving a 3 bed, 2 bath log home on an acre of land with about 50 trees.

Anyway, I came up with a cut & paste I can use during email conversations with folks who have a place to rent and want to know who I am:

About me: Born and raised in California (4th generation), graduated Merritt College in Oakland with a Data Processing degree in 1971 and was a successful computer consultant in the Bay Area up through the 80’s. Moved to Seattle in the 90’s to raise my son and launched a second career in transportation as a King County Metro supervisor and then on to SE Idaho where I’ve lived the last 13 years.

Rented a log home in Teton Valley and ended up driving the local bus: kids, seniors and disabled. Finally had enough of brutal winters at the base of the Grand Tetons and I’m now officially retired and looking to live someplace warmer. I have solid letters of credit from businesses I have dealt with here including rental, phone, electricity and others.

I’m a standup guy with integrity. I have no legal issues whatsoever and I’ve passed many background checks including a major FBI fingerprint check for my bus driving job. I’m trim, fit, and the healthiest person I know. I take no drugs, not even aspirin, and I don’t do doctors.

That’s about it, plus I have an old fat cat that I adore. She’s very much a part of the package.

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