It’s funny how one can have a debilitating disease and yet be in the best shape of their lives. I think my body literally slaps modern medical crap up side it’s collective bullshit head. I have Parkinson’s. It runs strong in my family on my dad’s side and my brother is suffering from it full on.

A few years back I felt it coming on in weird ways but my diet and exercise program has pushed it back to only one symptom, I can feel it rushing through my body. It’s like a freight train pounding through my blood vessels and in the quiet of night as I lie in bed, it’s really loud.

I’ve come to embrace it as a form of energy, as opposed to a disease. It no longer worries me, it just pushes me forward now…

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  1. When did you find out? Look at Michael J. Fox. He’s had it for some time now. Keeping up good habits never hurts. How will it affect your job?

  2. Thanks for the concern, but I didn’t find out since I don’t go to doctors, it’s something I suspected as I heard about it on my dad’s side of the family, saw first-hand when I visited my brother last year, and just know… As to work, you out to see peoples jaw drop when I spring out of the drivers seat into the middle of the bus. :-)

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