What I Know

I am insanely strong for a seventy one year old man. Up until I caught the flu at Broulims last Saturday I was building up my workouts to the point that I needed to increase the reps and the weights daily because my recovery time was amazing and my body was demanding more.

The flu knocked me on my ass and settled into an old problem area of mine, the lower back. I refused to break my vow of no medications or pills and managed to drive the entire week without anything other than some throat losenges and a heating pad.

Here’s what I know, listen up!

Everything that happens in your life from the moment you are conceived is stored in your brain. The older you get, the more that gets stored. I have so many memories of so many moments and so many relationships and so many fuck-ups that going to bed and quieting my mind is a formidiable task.

You need to stretch your body outward every morning in bed with arms and legs extended completely, before you get up. At that point you are connected to god, and all of your past friends and family up there are waiting to hear what you have to say.

Tell them this:

I’m sorry for all of the bad things I’ve done, please forgive me, thank you for everything I have, I love you.

And then visualize all that you love and ask that they be protected and happy as the day unfolds.

Me, I start with Steph, my kittie, my son Riley and work my way outward…

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