Shut Down

It was an interesting time here in the Valley today. A major storm was dumping on us and the roads were bogging down quickly after yesterday’s rain-snow mix. Around 1000 I went on break early and jumped in my truck and drove to Broulims to stock up on food when my dispatcher called me just as I was grabbing some eggs to inform me that TRPTA was shutting down service due to the storm.

She suggested that perhaps I could get my afternoon kids in Victor early and drive them home. I told her that was not such a good idea since I just transport those kids to the Community Center in Driggs every day and I had no idea where each one lived. Venturing off into unknown sideroads in whiteout conditions was not my idea of shutting down service, and she concurred, so we just told the school to have the parents come get them. I went back to the base, secured my bus and barely made it out of the lot and back through my driveway to home.

Tonight Steph took a snow shovel to the driveway which was plowed this morning right after we left for work. I think I’ll just hunker down this weekend…

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