I was parked next to this segment of the Teton Pass Trail system today, right off the Old Jackson Highway. I realize that I live in one of the richest outdoor activity wonderlands in the country, and I just don’t seem to get out there.

Maybe it’s because I’m cheap and don’t want to spring $60 bucks for bear spray. Or, maybe I’m just waiting to buy that handgun to scare the cougars away. I know, excuses…

Now on the local front, it looks like Anika’s visiting grandfather took our advice and made the girl a path through the field from the bus stop on Ski Hill to her house. I just walked it without spray or weapons and it was pretty cool!

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  1. Milan says:

    It was my first work in a public area in Idaho. May I be “proud” of it and claim a fee for using the path by strangers?

    Anika┬┤s grandfather

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