Big Eddy

Steph was reading the local Sherrif’s Log yesterday and there were a couple of references to a place around here called Big Eddy (gunshots and a moose vs vehicle).

She asked if I knew where it was, and I didn’t, so I found some directions:

  • From the stoplight in Driggs drive west on Bates Road toward the Big Holes.
  • After you cross the Bates Bridge, drive .5 miles to the Y intersection.
  • Continue driving straight west (do not follow the curve to the left/south) 1.2 miles until you come to two metal silos on your right.
  • Turn right (north) on N 6000 W, just past the silos.
  • Head north to W 2000 N and turn right (east, towards the Teton Mountains) and drive until you reach the Rainey Access on the Teton River at the end of the road.

We drove out there this morning and you can tag along by clicking the photo below:

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