OAuth 2.0 Sucks!

I’ve figured out what’s going on with my code. Google has depreciated Zend Gdata ClientLogin and replaced it with OAuth 2.0.

OAuth is the most convoluted spec I’ve ever seen, and I know it’s being pushed by Google. It effectively routes everything a user does back to Google for security purposes and analysis. Really? Just like the NSA and our phone calls.

I’m a pretty smart code guy but this crap is making my head spin! I could dive into the reasons why, but you’re head would be spinning two sentences in. I really thought it would be cool to create mapping applications using Google spreadsheets in the cloud as a database of sorts, and then they go and do this.

I expect the firestorm of Zend developers to arrive soon and in the meantime, I’m tired, and all of the cool applications I’ve been working on for months, now cease to exist…

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  1. Skoge says:

    Time for a vacation!

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