Summer Done

My nice little summer break officially ended today. I put an hour on the Trpta books getting the Chevy jumped, charged, and ready to go. Karen needed a 4-day to recharge her batteries so I’ll drive tomorrow and be back on route next Tuesday.

It’s been a good break! My tan is fabulous, I know this because Steph commented on my little glaring white ass in the shower this morning. Too bad nobody else will notice that great contrast.

I’m very pleased that I survived vacation with no accidents and never got arrested, although, that Montana Mounty did gave me a warning ticket for rolling through a stop sign leaving a gas station. (Yea, how many of those do you see at gas station exits…)

I didn’t hurt myself, ok, not too bad. I did take a tumble heading back to my motel from a dingy downtown bar but I wear my sunglasses at night so what do I expect :-)

Now, if I can just remember my passcode to log onto the vehicle computer tomorrow, and the pin number for the gas card, I’ll be good to go. I’m looking forward to paychecks going into my bank account, seeing my regular customers again and hanging out with a brand new crop of Community School kids!

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4 Responses to Summer Done

  1. Sally says:

    I was expecting a picture of the glaring. Just kidding LOL

  2. Betty says:

    We’ll be having no glaring to blind us. Glad you had a great vacation summer. Your kids will be glad to have you back.

  3. Jim says:

    Ok, one vote for, one not so much. Maybe Steph will snap a picture. Or not…

  4. Carol Stratton says:

    yes school is starting next tue. the children I have talked to are glad to be going back.

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