The Call

Riley, Jess and I all departed their house around the same time Monday morning. They went to work, and I continued my obscene second summer vacation in a row, heading south. My goal was the Tillamonk Oregon rest area off Hwy 101 by sunset but I had way too much time in between so I drove to Salem, OR.

This town was on my list of places in Oregon to check out and after a few hours of cruising around I’ve determined it’s just another giant strip mall. Now aren’t you glad I’m out here doing the hard evaluation work so you don’t have to!

I left there early afternoon and told Tomi to take me to Tillamonk. We arrived to rain and a roaming cell connection. I knew Oregon was not one of my Silverstar Seven States but I could still get a phone call if one occurred, and man did one occur!

I got the vacation call of death from my co-worker Karen yelling at me over the roar of her bus asking me when I was coming back to work? School starts Wednesday and rides are starting to stack up quicker than we thought. I was shooting for the day after Labor Day to come back…

She was actually quite gracious and said she could handle it until I got back. Yea, that’s bus driver speak that means get your ass back here, now!

I’m not one to submit to pressure but I’m currently sitting in a rest area along the Columbia River writing this post several hours after her call. That means that I said screw this rain and drove through Portland at rush hour to get here before sunset. Hey, Portland rush hour was on my bucket list!

My destination tomorrow is good old Boise. I have a favorite motel there with internet and with cell connection since I’m back in Idaho.

Update: Tomorrow is today and I’m posting this from my motel room…

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  1. Poor Karen she is a cool lady but you know how driving that bus can get to you. Next week you’ll be back at it. Hope your trip down the coast was a good one.

  2. You and Karen will always have a special place in my heart. I have been off this week and am missing my driver friends. But Tuesday I start in high school one on one with a handicapped student. Life should be interesting, I get holidays off and may come visit… but will follow your blog.

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