Fun With Tomi

I grabbed a strong cup of convenience store coffee this morning, next door to the scantily clad Barista that Wendy recommended and drove to the Green River to watch the sun rise. The days of looking for bodies down there are long over since Ridgeway’s in solitary now, but it’s still a great place to plan a day.

I’m hanging out with Riley at his house for the Seahawks game tonight which gave me and my GPS Tomi the day to enjoy my old stomping grounds. The fun involves telling her where I want to go and then ignore her directions and take back-roads that I learned years ago which forces her to re-calculate madly. She’s a quick learner and once I turned her voice off I didn’t have to listen to her bitch about it. (Hmmm…)

It’s been a decade since I was a paratransit supervisor here, chasing down drivers and wrecks, but the place comes back to me naturally. It feels like home even though it no longer is.


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