Heart Warmed

I’ve been feeling really cruddy all week, just can’t seem to shake this stuff. You know, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. But something happened today that warmed my heart and I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve been transporting three little kids daily to pre-school in Driggs, Taylor (Summers daughter) and the Ortiz brothers (the ones that got me sick :-). I’ve been hearing the excitement in their chatter as we pass the Ice Sculptures on the way to their school.

Today I picked up a really old guy named Mack, along with the kids, going to Senior Meals at the Community Center (where the Sculptures are at). As I pulled in and escorted Mack to the door, and idea hatched.

I walked back to the open passenger door and said to the kids, unbuckle your seat-belts, leave your backpacks on the bus, and let’s go see the sculptures!

They didn’t hesitate a second, jumped off the bus and we began a quick tour. We moved from piece to piece, they dove inside the Hobbit House and the play igloo, all the time I’m urging them on, come on guys, we’ve only got a couple of minutes.

The smiles on their faces were truly priceless and I knew as a professional driver that this was a break from protocol, but totally worth it. I got them back on the bus and we arrived at the school three minutes late. They were still smiling as they left the bus :-)

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  1. Some times you have to follow your heart.
    Things like that matter.
    I am a firm believer that you never know whose life you will touch and how every move a person makes touches and impacts others.
    Those kids will remember this for ever.
    Get well my friend. Talk to you Monday.

  2. That is truly a heart warming story. It shows that you have your head on right. Not too many people would go there. Good hearts make a good man.

  3. Yea I thought of that old buddy, that’s why I’m here, and he’s there :-) I need my Cajones!

    (Lance was our Safety Manager when Rod and I were road supervisors back in the Seattle area…)

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